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Your downstream processors have their own needs in terms of how a coil arrives to their shop. They may need more oil, less oil, more consistent oil, or they may need a particular a wax or oil that helps them get the most out of their equipment. On top of that, excess oil and waste makes a mess and is hard to clean up for everyone.

GFG Peabody’s custom-built electrostatic oilers can apply a specific oil or a wax evenly to a metallic strip at a precisely controlled coating weight, at just the way your customer’s need it with less overspray and waste. The coating is formed into a thin film and exposed to an intense electrostatic energy field. The coating separates almost immediately into a collection of uniform particles. This electrostatically controlled dispersion ensures excellent flexibility, control, and consistency of the coating process. Such a dependable and clean application of a lubricant or anti-corrosive at the end of a processing line allows material to be cleaned more easily, stored with less damage, and give the subsequent processor many options of coating schemes that work best for them.

Conventional spraying illustration
Conventional Spraying
Electrostatic coating illustration
Electrostatic Spraying

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GFG Peabody dry film oiler

Electrostatic Dry Film Lubricant (Wax) Coating

When a metallic strip needs a unform and light application of wax to the top and bottom, for the purpose of drawing lubrication, GFG Peabody offers a dry film lubricant electrostatic oiler.

Electrostatic forces are used to apply the wax so that no air or fluid pressures than can cause overspray, uncoated patches, or waste. The wax is stored and transported by special equipment specifically engineered for your application. Variable levels of wax can be applied based on recipe with incredible precision.

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