Laminators & Embossers

Always read machine instructions and never touch a moving or energized roll.

GFG Peabody Laminator/Embosser

Finishing touches to a strip can make all the difference. Coating offerings can be greatly enhanced with the addition of hot lamination and embossing options on your strip to provide texture, pattern and decorative appearance. Cold lamination of a film protects your coated strip; shows you care, and is an opportunity to brand your product. A laminator can apply a variety of films in a wide variety of configurations depending on the space available. Film guiding, edge trimming, lap splicing, and scrap removal all need to happen safely, quickly and reliably.

GFG Peabody’s custom-built laminators and embossers put these finishing touches on coated coil. Every line is different, every customer is different, and your equipment should be different and designed to meet your needs.

Some of GFG Peabody Laminator/Embosser Applications

GFG Peabody Laminator-Embosser

We make our equipment to fit your space and meet your needs. Each machine is unique and engineered to order.

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