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Support Services

Our partnership with our customers extends beyond the machine itself. We know our equipment sits at the core of your processing line and that ongoing services may be required for you to meet your goals. GFG Peabody’s expertise is available to our customers through a variety of support services.

Parts and Products

Any components for your machine that need replacement can be sourced from our spare parts team. Getting your parts from GFG Peabody guarantees fit, function and performance.

Onsite Service

Onsite technicians can travel to your plant to help commission or troubleshoot your GFG Peabody equipment. They are also available to train and advise your operators, engineers, and maintenance staff.


Your GFG Peabody equipment will last a long time, but your business will change. New standards, technologies, products, and customers can mean new features or capabilities are required for your equipment. Follow your business and improve performance with a customized equipment upgrade, provided by the original equipment supplier.

Highlighted Upgrade type: Tank stand reconfiguration

If your business needs call for new or different oil types for your GFG Peabody electrostatic coater, you may want to consider reconfiguring your tank stand to improve flexibility, improve temperature control or increase filtration. GFG Peabody’s team regularly helps customers with new tank configurations for existing electrostatic coaters in order to deal with changing demands.

GFG Peabody Equipment with Tank Stand Reconfiguration

Component Repairs

Certain components can fail and require repair, rather than complete replacement. GFG Peabody offers repair services for High Voltage Power Supplies and Blades for our electrostatic coater products. These involve, rebuild, repair and testing the component before returning it to your facility to be put back in operation.

Highlighted Component repair – High Voltage Supplies

GFG Peabody high voltage power supplies are a key component to the operation. If they fail outside of warranty, they can often be repaired instead of replaced. For process reliability, consider a preventative maintenance schedule with a spare power supply, regularly swapped and sent in for refurbishment.

Machine Refurbishment

GFG Peabody equipment often remains in service for decades. When the opportunity presents itself for an overhaul, our production facility is happy to receive the machine back and return it to a like new condition. We can replace and upgrade bearings, seals, and other wear components. New wiring and electronics can help the equipment keep pace with your plant digitalization strategy. Let us know what you need, GFG Peabody can ensure your machine will be renewed just they way you need it.

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