Electrostatic Oiler Features

Here are some of the features available on GFG Peabody Electrostatic Oilers

As a custom builder we are always happy to hear about features you may be interested in that do not appear on the list below.

High Voltage Safety Interlocks

Safety integrates into every part of design at GFG-Peabody. On all our electrostatic oilers, enclosure access is restricted using advanced electromechanical interlocks. A single “trapped” key is required to open doors or to enable high voltage service. This makes both impossible at the same time. This engineered failsafe prevents personnel from ever being exposed the electrostatic field inside the enclosure.

Telescoping Blade Carrier

Access for maintenance is important. Our blade oilers come with a telescopic blade carrier that can be used to temporarily slide the blade outside the enclosure. Easy access to blades and the inside of the enclosure makes periodic maintenance safer, easier and takes less time.

Online / Offline Shuttle

Production is sometimes required when an oiler is not online, but that shouldn’t prevent safely working on your equipment. Shuttle frames can allow the oiler to be retracted offline for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

Tank Stand

Installation should be easy and simple. Oil tanks and associated equipment such as pumps, filters and sensors are pre-installed, and factory tested for fast installation and start up. Tank heaters are designed to be easily removed – without draining the tank.

Adjustable Spray Width

This feature is for customers that process a wide variety of strip widths. The active width of the oil spray can be adjusted remotely to prevent under spraying and waste.

Blade Heating

GFG – Peabody’s Blade Heating System uses dedicated oil heat exchange system to maintain the blade at the proper temperature. Using the Blade Heating system improves atomization and also increases the number of usable oils that maybe applied electrostatically.

Sump System

Overspray is collected in a sump system and can be filtered for re-use. For more viscous oils, a heated sump is available to prevent buildup.

Feed Tables / Strip Support Rollers

Nonconductive feed tables inside the spray enclosure can help prevent strip crashes and equipment damage. Alternatively, or in addition support rollers can integrated into the entry or exit of the enclosure to help manage pass line variations and protect equipment.

Fume Extraction

To prevent escape of oil mist and fume extraction system may be added to collect any oil mist that might otherwise escape the enclosure.

Enclosure Heating

For applications where especially viscous oils or waxes are used, the spray enclosure may be heated to prevent solidification. This can be done in a variety of methods and GFG Peabody can help you select the proper configuration for your environment, process, and coatings.

Heated Tubing

If the coating or environment requires strict temperature regulation, tubing can be integrated with a controlled heating system. This minimizes clogging, buildup and keeps production running smoothly.

Automatic Oil Change

The automatic oil change feature allows the type of oil being applied to the strip to be changed while the Oiler is operating. The oil supply to the metering pump(s) is controlled using supply and return solenoid valves on each tank. Excess oil collected at the bottom of the Oiler enclosure is pumped (recirculated) to the active tank with a sump pump. A “sump to process waste” solenoid valve is used to drain “mixed” oil from the sump to a waste drain port instead of back to a tank during an oil change-over.

Air Activated Drip Troughs

A drip trough can be placed in the enclosure that will descend under the blade when not in operation. This prevents latent oil from dripping on strip that is passing through the enclosure when the spraying is not in operation.

Air Purge

To quickly clear congealed oil or small debris in the system a remote air purge sequence can be provided.

Highlighted Solution

GFG Peabody dry film oiler

Electrostatic Dry Film Lubricant (Wax) Coating

When a metallic strip needs a unform and light application of wax to the top and bottom, for the purpose of drawing lubrication, GFG Peabody offers a dry film lubricant electrostatic oiler.

Electrostatic forces are used to apply the wax so that no air or fluid pressures than can cause overspray, uncoated patches, or waste. The wax is stored and transported by special equipment specifically engineered for your application. Variable levels of wax can be applied based on recipe with incredible precision.

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