Electrostatic Oiler Styles


GFG Peabody Blade Electrostatic Oiler Illustration
Blade Systems utilize a narrow slot to distribute the electrostatically charged coating uniformly over the entire target surface. The blade incorporates design features including our sharp edge technology, adjustable spray widths, and a heated delivery system. The extruded aluminum blade increases the density of the atomized particles within the charged pattern significantly more than ferrous blade types.

Rotary Atomizer

GFG Peabody Rotary Atomizer Illustration

In Rotary Atomizer Systems, coating is delivered to a rotating bowl, then spun out to the bowl’s edge where it is subjected to an intense electrostatic energy field. The atomizer is rotated at high speeds using a friction-free air turbine. A combination of centrifugal and electrostatic energy is used to atomize and distribute coating fluids uniformly over the target surface.

Combination Blade / Rotary Atomizer Systems

GFG Peabody Combination Blade and Rotary Electrostatic Oiler Illustration

When a wide variety of customer requirements require an assortment of lubrication and anticorrosion fluids and coating weights a combination oiler provides the most flexible option. Combination electrostatic oilers contain both a blade and a rotary atomizer system for fluid delivery.

Over the Mandrel

GFG Peabody Over The Mandrel Electrostatic Oiler Illustration

Space in a line for an enclosed oiler is not always available, as is generally the case with temper mills or skin pass mills. To address this issue, GFG Peabody has developed and successfully installed countless Over-the-Mandrel Oilers. By utilizing features such as GFG Peabody adjustable spray width blade designs, automatic height compensation software/hardware, and the patented GFG Peabody Dynamic Voltage Control, our oilers will provide you with the ultimate oiling solution when space for a conventional oiler does not exist.

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