Roll Coater Features

Always read machine instructions and never touch a moving or energized roll.

Here are some of the features available on GFG Peabody Roll Coaters

As a custom builder we are always happy to hear about features you may be interested in that do not appear on the list below.

Guarding and Safety

The coater will be guarded and labeled in compliance with the provisions of OSHA, CE and to the best of our knowledge conforms with all safety standards for this type of equipment.

Two, or more, “emergency stop” trip cables, should be mounted and pre-wired to a terminal box on the coater. These switches connect with the process line emergency stop and/or other safety circuit.

Fixed roll nip guards will be supplied over the coater roll nip points to limit access to restrict access to roller pinch points.

Wherever practical, moving parts, pinch points and other hazards will be protected with machine guarding and warning symbols.

For Roll Coaters that are to be used with volatile chemicals, an explosion proof electrical design will be implemented.

2 Roll / 3 Roll Configurations

GFG Peabody coaters offer the ability to perform 2 or 3-roll inline and 3-roll V forward and reverse coating configurations with a simple setup change.

GFG Peabody 2 Roll Forward Roll Coater Illustration
GFG Peabody 3 Roll V Roll Coater Illustration
3-Roll "V"
GFG Peabody 3 Roll Inline Roll Coater Illustration
3-Roll Inline

Dual Pickup Roll Topside Coating Heads

Horizontal and Clamshell Coaters

These unique coating heads use three rolls in a special V configuration so that 2 roll forward and reverse coating can be available from the same coating head, without having to remove and reverse the head itself.

GFG Peabody 2 Roll Forward Illustration


GFG Peabody 2 Roll Reverse Illustration

Head Retract

Head Retract is a feature used on coaters to move the coating head away from the machine slowly and allow space for cleaning, roll removal or maintenance.

Shuttle Coating Heads

The coating heads shuttle on and off line perpendicular to the strip centerline. A single shuttle head can provide additional safety for cleaning, roll changes and maintenance. Dual shuttling heads can provide a means of applying alternate coatings, and for the purposes of quick coating changes. Although a side by side configuration is most common, GFG Peabody has a large variety of styles to fit the shuttling components into the space available.

Quick Disconnects

Tool-Free QD couplings on our drive shafts and hand actuated rachet handles on our swing caps enable the operator to easily change an applicator roll to save downtime.

Driveshaft Support

GFG Peabody developed the innovative Interactive Driveshaft Support to reduce downtime by eliminating much of the driveshaft handling by the operator during maintenance and changeover.

The user-friendly Interactive Support is extremely simple to work, and it needs no locks, brakes, or ratchets. The device holds the shaft right where it gets uncoupled, so the operator only needs to do a minimal amount of work to complete maintenance or changeover.

Force Measurement and Display

The stacked coater design allows measurement of the force between each coating and backing roll while the force measurement on intermediate rolls, especially the critical pickup and applicator roll will be heavily influenced by the force from adjacent rolls when load cells are not in line with the roll stack. A portable diagnostic device is available which allows calibration of the coater mounted nip force load cell to ensure consistent coating setup. Package Includes master pancake type load cell with cable, attachment brackets, digital display and operation directions. Forces can be presented in a variety of ways (digital panel, HMI, data sharing… )to help operators minimize set up time and increase the consistency of coating weights.

Coater Head Control System (CHCS)

Take load cell technology one step further with Coater Head Control System (CHCS). The system will automatically index the coating rolls to the desired nip force pressure. Automation that will improve your quality and reduce set-up errors.

Highlighted Solution

GFG Peabody Coating Head Control System

The State of the Art GFG Peabody Coating Head Control System (CHCS) significantly improves control of your coating heads. CHCS was specifically designed to meet the needs of coil coaters whose high process speed, stringent quality control specifications and/or numerous coater set-ups demand something better than manual adjustments. CHCS can reduce waste, improve consistency and the accuracy of application. Standard gearbox head adjustments are replaced with high-speed servo-controlled roll positioning allowing for greater accuracy, faster and repeatable coater setups, and continuous feedback and monitoring of the coater.

Head Oscillation

To reduce the effect of excessive roll wear at strip edge, when running a single width in long campaigns, GFG Peabody coating heads can be equipped with a head oscillation feature that will reduce the localized wear by oscillating the applicator roll position in relation to the strip.

Optional Chemical mixing and Recirculation

A complete chemical Mixing and Handling System with solution mixing tanks, working tank, motor-driven stirrers, pumps, valves, filters, level switches can be added on as an option.

Optional Paint Recirculation

This is a complete system ready to be installed to coating pan and 55 gallon container. Complete with barrel dolly, air operated lift pump and agitator, supply and return hoses to maintain continuous operation. Each system is custom fit to coating equipment at assembly in our plant.

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